About Us


Our Beginning

In 1954, Fred K. and Edith F. Conn founded the Conn Memorial Foundation, Inc. During their lifetime the Conn Family interests — their purposes and desires — were conveyed to those who would carry on after them. Of importance would be the continuity of their intentions for funds contributed in their name.

Fred K. Conn was born in Russellville, Ohio in 1881.  He later moved to Kentucky and then returned to Ohio to complete his education. For many years, Mr. Conn was active in his father’s lumber business, promoting their interests and helping many in need of assistance. Edith F. Conn died in 1969 and Fred K. Conn died in 1970.

Today, the Foundation faithfully continues the Conn’s vision by evolving, convening, leading and funding organizations that align with the philanthropic aims of its founders and current leadership.

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