What We Do

Impact Through Capacity Building Initiatives

Conn Foundation Board and Staff

The Conn Memorial Foundation recognizes the tremendous value of Board and staff leadership in the community. As a demonstration of this belief, the word “leadership” was intentionally placed before the word “grants” in our mission statement. This has defined our foundation’s culture. It means we are more than money. We are a partner: We are accessible, present and willing to help. We are out in the community, doing the work of the community, in partnership with the community through Conn’s funded initiatives. All of this helps to inform the foundation’s work, grant decisions, and expand impact.

Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

As a nonprofit organization that exists to support the nonprofit sector, the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay offers programs that develop and connect nonprofit leaders to strengthen the capacity of organizations and our community. All classes and trainings are developed and taught by top nonprofit and business leaders, content experts and educators who possess real-world experience and subject-matter expertise. Annual Conferences, nearly 90 Classes across Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, executive-level certificates, exclusive leadership groups for CEOs, and customized trainings are what make the Nonprofit Leadership Center Tampa Bay’s regional center for nonprofit education. Conn has supported the mission of the Nonprofit Leadership Center and Conn’s President, Sheff Crowder, was the founding Board Chair when the Nonprofit Leadership Center was established over 20 years
ago, and continues to serve as a Board member.

University of Tampa Nonprofit Certificate Program

Using the premise of cultivating a nonprofit heart, a business mind and a leader’s spirit, the Conn Memorial Foundation, the Nonprofit Leadership Center and the University of Tampa developed the Nonprofit Management Certificate program, based in the Sykes College of Business, over 11 years ago. These graduate-level courses are designed to teach emerging and existing senior leadership teams best practices around board governance, strategic analysis, market research, finance, developing teams, and writing impactful business plans. Those are the needed hard skills to thrive in the sector. Taught by doctoral degree faculty, in conjunction with leading nonprofit practitioners, many of Tampa Bay nonprofit leaders have completed this rigorous program, ranked 25th nationally in the 2016 Top 50 Nonprofit Masters/Certificate Programs (Top Management Programs). Conn funds scholarships for this program
that are administered by the Nonprofit Leadership Center.

Funder Network

Conn is proud to be an active member of the Florida Philanthropic Network, which gives us the opportunity to network with funders around the state in developing impactful local and statewide strategies.