What We Do

Impact Through History

  • 1881 – Alfred (Fred) King Conn was born in Russellville, Ohio
  • 1928 – Fred and Edith Conn moved to Tampa, Florida
  • 1954 – Conn Memorial Foundation was established. Mrs. Conn served as Secretary until her passing in 1969, and Mr. Conn served as President
    until his passing four months later in 1970. Having no heirs, the Conn Memorial Foundation is the legacy they left to our community.
  • 1970 – David Frye, Mr. Conn’s long-time business manager, became President. The foundation had $5 million in assets.
  • 1992 – Jimmy Gray assumed the role as Chairman of the foundation upon Mr. Frye’s death and was instrumental in assisting with the
    transition from the historical model of a Family Foundation to an Independent Foundation.
  • 1993 – Present – Sheff Crowder is serving as the foundation’s third President and, in keeping with the Conn’s philanthropic aims,
    he has strategically guided and strengthened the impact of the foundation.
  • 1992-2019 – Four Grant/Program Directors have served the foundation: Sr. Rosalie Hennessey, Fran Powers, Maggie Osborn, and since
    2011, Beth Doyle.
  • 2018-2019 – Conn Memorial Foundation is one of the oldest Independent foundations in the area and currently has nearly $23.5 million
    in assets.

Celebrating 65 years since the establishment of the Conn Memorial Foundation, 2,735 grants totaling $37,335,808 have been awarded.