General Grant Application


To apply for any grant, you must have already been invited by the Conn Memorial Foundation to send a Letter of Inquiry (new applicants) and submit a full application.

Pdf File Format

All files must be submitted as PDF files.


The application and excel spreadsheets have been emailed to you.

Supporting Documentation

The supporting documentation (listed below) is required as part of the General Grant Application.


  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet — Prior Year
  • Balance Sheet & Budget — Current Year
  • Next Year’s Annual Budget — If Available

Other Materials

  • List of the organization’s programs with brief descriptions
  • 501(c)3 Letter (1st time applicants only)
  • List of Board of Directors
  • Other materials as may be relevant


  • All documents (application and supporting documents) must be converted to PDF format and submitted as one combined PDF file.
  • Upload and submit a single PDF file below.
  • If any documents need to be resubmitted, please contact the Conn Memorial Foundation for more instructions.

Submit Application

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